How to Become A Bartender Without Experience
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How to Become A Bartender Without Experience

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In the last few years, there are a number of gossips about bartenders who can earn an excess of a hundred thousand per year. Therefore, it is not a doubt that bartending can bring in great money, and you may be able to achieve this target. As a result, to give you an overview about this topic, I am going to show you my understanding about how to become a bartender via this article.

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How to Become A Bartender

For many young people, you want to become a bartender but you do not have any experience in this industry, so there are a few ways to get around it. I used to start bartending with no experience, and I can tell you how you can get involved in this job.

Participate in a bartending course

The first way which is usually recommended is to take a bartending course. These courses run anywhere with a variety of fees for you to choose. By taking part in these courses, you can get a lot of necessary skills including the cocktails, the mixology, the glassware and so on. Moreover, you can go through a draft beer part of the course where you learn how to pour draft as well as how to maintain and clean the lines. Besides, there are many great books about bartending that you should seek for and spend time on reading them.

Friends and acquaintance

When you are interested in bartending job, you can seek for advice from your friends who have worked as bartenders for a while. They will give you useful information as well as detailed guidance since they will know all of the pros and cons of this job.

Learn how to make drinks online

If you are not going to bartending school due to high expenses, you can go online and learn how to make the drinks. In particular, you can write down what the measurements are along with how to make the basic drinks that most people are likely to order at the bar.

What are the Qualities for a Good Bartender?

Interested in learning the drinks

These days, bartending job is getting more and more competitive since many people become immersed into it. As a consequence, you need to make yourself different in order to get a stable position. As I mentioned before, trying to identify how make different drinks can become a good point for you to attract more customers when comparing with the other bartenders.

In addition, you are recommended to be interested into mixing the drinks when you work as a bartender. By keeping this spirit, you will be able to create the best for your customers. Last but not least, if you can make the unique drinks yourself, you can enhance your reputation so as to appeal more potential customers to your bar for sure.

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Be able to communicate and deal with people

Apart from the required skills such as drink making, a good bartender is considered as a person that can deal with a variety of people. Particularly, you are expected to face with so many crazy situations and you may not know how to handle them until they really happen to you. For instance, there are people fallen asleep at the bar, people who get way too drunk, people who become angry and violent with you at an instant.

Furthermore, being a bartender is not only about how to make drinks but it is also important to be charismatic, charming, sociable and willing to talk to the customers. If you are just going to stand there and not be able to communicate with your customers, you will never last long with this job.Photo Credit:

Always have good appearance

Lastly, bartending job has a strict requirement for your appearance since you need to look attractive and tidy in front of your customers every time. As a result, you need to identify the information related to the bartender costumes as well as the bartender shoes, which will help you understand more about all of the necessary things you need to prepare beforehand.


In summary, I wish that all of my sharing in this article associated with how to become a bartender will give you useful knowledge about this aspect. I am very happy to know if you can apply all of my suggestions into your own situation. However, in case you still have any confusion or queries, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime, so that we can discuss with each other and solve your problems right away.


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