How Often To Replace Walking Shoes? 1

How Often To Replace Walking Shoes?

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How often to replace walking shoes

Walking is one of the best ways of exercise to improve the general health of people. If you knowing the proper time to replace your old walking shoes, it helps you avoid serious injuries in the future. The lifespan of most walking and running shoes is about 500 miles, parallel 3 to 6 months of use. This number may be changed according to the places and the time that you often wear your shoes, as well as the age of shoes.

How Often To Replace Walking Shoes? 2

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For instance, walking on the pavement makes your shoes wear down faster than other terrains such as a gravel, trail or track. Over time, the shock absorption will reduce gradually and affect to the performance of your shoes. Remember that walking shoes with a polyurethane midsole tends to be more durable than EVA midsole. Although the EVA midsole seem to be resilient, it still changes with many external forces.

Time for replacing your walking shoes

There is no difficulty in determining the exact time for buying a new pair of walking shoes. Different parts of the shoes that can easily break down are midsole, outer sole, shank or heel. We have simple ways to check whether our walking shoes are still usable or not.

  • Make pressing test: Pressing test is available for determining the cushioning level of the midsoles. If your midsoles are compressed, it means you need replacing your shoes by the new ones. All you need to do is pushing your thumb into the outsole toward the midsole. The requirement for your new shoes is the great ease of seeing the midsole compressing to wrinkles. The typical signal of worn down shoes is that the midsole provides less compression with the same pressure amount. Moreover, if there is big difference between the compression of the midsole and press test, it implies that the walking shoes lack of cushioning.
  • Look at your shoes: There are several signs of tear and wear after a long time you wear your shoes, such as stretching heels, worn-down outsoles and molded shoes on your feet. All of them indicate that your shoes need replacing by the better model.
  • Know what you feel: Your body actually knows the cushioning thickness of your shoes. When you find any pain in different parts of your body such as hips, back, legs, feet, etc…, it suggests that you should have newer pair. Other issues with the worn shoes are blisters and friction. They are common signs of moving a lot or stretched shoes.
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Tips to enhance the life span of shoes

Durable shoes bring the most wonderful moments in your life. This is the reason why improving the shoes’ life span not only helps you walk on almost types of terrains, but also save money in an effective way.

It is advisable for you to have different pairs of walking shoes for alternative options. For long term, this is a good recommendation because you can improve the durability of your shoes. Another important requirement is taking off your shoes in a proper way. Instead of kicking off shoes by foot, remove carefully them with your hands. This helps ensure that your shoes will not be damaged from any reason.

In addition, use your walking shoes just only for the aim of doing exercises, not for other purposes. The more times you wear your shoes, the higher chance they are less durable. A good pair of shoes is one of the most effective ways to ensure their durability. You can ask the seller for getting helpful advices, but keep in mind that comfort should be the first priority.

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