How Does Walking Help Your Body

How Does Walking Help Your Body?

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How does walking help your body? This seems a rather rhetorical question. Walking is certainly healthy and has proven that times ten. But people who walk inconsistently and often do it for the sake of it find no results worth praising. This is because they do not know the specifics, namely the technical side, of walking.

Let us explore the concept in detail, and see just why doctors and physicians around the world recommend walking. What really does it do for your body, organs, hormones, and health?

How Does Walking Help Your Body
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How Does Walking Help Your Body

Weight Loss

Half an hour of walking at 2 miles per hour can lose you 73-78 calories. That’s a great feeling for those who have experienced how good it is to lose even 20 calories in that time frame. With an increase in speed you can lose more calories. At a good four miles per hour, you are looking at losing enough calories to counter three fat-rich cakes and a cream doughnut. No to tasty foods that make you fat, yes to good foods that slim you down. Walking is an inspiring way to shed the kilos.

Vitamin D

This is true for walkers who head outdoors. The sun is the only major source of Vitamin D, naturally entering your skin and system. Immunity and bone health depend on it, making it crucial to get Vit-Ds especially for walkers residing in cold cloudy countries.


Reducing risk of cardiovascular illness, walking has proven to increase HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce LDL (its bad counterpart). Vigorous walks can cut high blood pressure and risk of strokes (27% reduction, according to The Stroke Association). Brisk walks even beat running, apparently; according to California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Kills Depression

As potent as anti-depressants, walking is an all-round exercise that releases endorphins in the brain. These ‘feel good’ hormones cut anxiety and stress and promote ideal mental and emotional health.


This point may seem too vague or general, but regular walks have shown 60% reduction in type 2 diabetes and promote 20% less likelihood of colon, womb, and breast cancers.


Great muscle toning potential for your belly, buttocks, and legs. Your hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads will thank you for brisk and vigorous walks, especially uphill. With the right walking posture, your waist and abs benefit as well.


Aging and forgetfulness are a very real life-situation for older people. Maintain a 6-mile hike every week, distributed throughout the week as required, and you will see remarkable brain development. Statistics: 1 in 14 affected over the age of 65 and 1 in six affected over the age of 80. Walking beats the odds.

Natural Energy Boost

We saved this point for last, because of how easily fatigued everyone seems to get these days. By increasing oxygen supply to every cell in your body and enhancing circulation, your natural energy greatly improves. Thanks to walking, you not only feel alive and active but also experience top energy throughout the day and sound sleep at the end of it.

Ramblers and Macmillian Cancer Support came out with a report recently in which they found that weekly physical exercise for 150 minutes could potentially save 37,000 lives a year and reduce cases of type 2 diabetes by approximately 300,000 incidents.

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Start with short 10-minute walks and expand to 30-minute walks over time. Your body needs time to get used to the flow of fresh physical activity, especially if you have been sedentary for too long. There is a way to walk as well. Learn the posture and be loyal to your walking schedule and times. Before long, you will find yourself choosing better challenges and hitting their marks. Health is yours for the taking once you have fallen in line with a regular walking exercise regimen.

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