How do you tie your shoes
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How Do You Tie Your Shoes?

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When it comes to wearing rubber shoes, you may be annoyed with the fact that you’ll have to tie your shoes each time it unfolds! There will be times that you go into a tiny accident, stepping into your laces and having them unfold each step you make. It sucks having to constantly tie your shoes during the wrong times, especially when you are in a hurry. Unfortunately, it happens, but you are still able to prevent it!

How Do You Tie Your Shoes? 1
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You can opt to wear velcro based shoes to avoid the dreaded shoe tying, but it may look a bit too childish. You can also try going for shoes that do not require shoelaves at all, though for the sporty or active who use rubber shoes, it’s best to go for those with shoelaces in order to control the tightness of the shoes to perform or walk properly. So in this article, we will answer the question: How do you tie your shoes?

Tying your shoes is something your parents may have taught you a long time ago as a child. Unfortunately, there will be times you may forget, or not know the proper technique of how to tie your shoes without it falling off! Luckily, you will be able to still learn how to tie your shoes properly with the different methods we will be showing. There are different ways on how to tie your shoes, all depending on what you prefer or find easier to do. They’re very easy to pick up, and soon, you’ll be able to tie your shoes properly in no time.

Why You Need to Learn How to Tie Your Shoes

Like mentioned above, you don’t want to waste time and effort having to repeatedly tie your shoelaces whenever they come off! You’ll want to put your shoes on in style and comfort, walking without the need to check your shoes if they are untied or not. This is important not just to look great, but to also avoid any accidents that may have you or other people fall down when you step on a shoelace! You won’t only look great, but you will be able to walk safely as well.

If you are one who isn’t familiar with tying your shoes or would like to teach your child to do so, then it’s very easy. All it requires are the following:

  1. Shoes or shoelaces to practice with
  2. A good attitude when teaching or learning, as it can be frustrating at first

And that’s it! After that, all you will need left is the time and motivation to practice until you perfect tying your shoelaces. You are also able to get help from loved ones if you are still having trouble tying your shoelaces.

How to tie your shoes
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How Do You Tie Your Shoes?

There are different methods on how to tie your shoelaces. Here are the methods and how you can do them:

First off, it all starts with you putting your shoes on a flat surface. When teaching children, it’s better to have them taught while they are wearing their shoes to practice it better.

  1. Bunny Ears

  • Tie a basic knot
  • Make a loop with one lace
  • Wrap the other lace around the loop with your other hand
  • Use your free hand and pull the shoelace under to create another loop
  • Now, hold the loops and pull until they are tightened
  1. Circle

  • Tie a basic knot
  • Tie another knot, but not as tight as before
  • Thread a shoelace into the circle
  • Do the same with the other shoelace
  • Pull the loops tight
  1. Magic Fingers/Ian Knot

  • Tie a basic knot
  • Use your thumb and fingers to hold the shoelace
  • Take your other hand and do the same to the other shoelace
  • Pull your fingers to each other
  • Pinch the laces then tighten it when it creates loops.

Practice any of these methods and find which one you or your child likes best!

In Conclusion

Not only will you be able to know how to tie your shoes properly, but you’ll also have an easy time sharing the knowledge and teaching it to others who don’t know how to tie their own shoes yet, including little kids. So what are you waiting for? Get your rubber shoes out and practice the art of tying your shoes with these different methods and procedures! You won’t have a hard time and waste precious time tying your shoes again and again. All it takes is practice and you’ll be able to get it perfect without even trying anymore. So start practicing how do you tie your shoes today!

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