How do you strengthen your knees
How do you strengthen your knees

How do you strengthen your knees

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You are bothering about your unstable and weak joint knees. You cannot participate in sports games for a long time. Even though you want to jog around the street, your knees make you sick. You know that doing exercises can improve and strengthen your knees but how you can do so when your knees are not a good partner.
Wait no more! This article provides you with ways on how to strengthen your knees.

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How to strengthen your knees?

Knee plays an important role in allowing you to move, run, walk and play sports. Without a strong knee, you cannot make your movements and motions easily. That is why I shall introduce you to the following techniques so strengthen your knees so that you can achieve strong exercises like weightlifting or hit cardio running.

Tip #1: Use knee brace for better distractions

If you search information about knee brace or knee support, you can easily find out a lot of useful functions of a knee brace to your knee. Everyone knows that one of the main roles of the knee is to burden the bodyweight and enable us to move from light to heavy motions. Stiff and rigid knees are common, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and injury.
Therefore, using a knee brace with the best band distractions can enhance motion range and support your unstable and weak joints. You will feel more confident in your movements. A knee brace acts as a motion support to prevent you from injury regardless of your light or heavy workouts.

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Tip #2: Exercise your hips and glutes

Hips and glutes also get involved a lot in your daily movements and training activities. Keeping these two body parts strong and healthy is a good way to reduce and prevent too much pressure and strain on your knees. As a result, you should do some exercises to strengthen your hips and glutes.
You can follow these directions to better your hips and glutes:

  • Lie on one side and get your knees bent
  • Lift your knee on your top left while remaining your feet touching. Hold this position for a second before you lower your knee
  • Repeat the movement ten times or more before switching to the other leg
    If you find the above exercise hard for you to follow, try this one.
  • Squat to strengthen your knees. You stand up and down gradually for 30 to 45 seconds. Another version of squat you can practice is to put one of your legs on a chair. The other leg touches the ground. Then, you start to go up and down for the same duration.How do you strengthen your knees 3

Tip #3: Strengthen your quadriceps

The quadriceps are the muscles in the front of the thighs. Strong and healthy quadriceps can enhance the mobility and strength in your knees and legs. Let’s try some following exercises that are designed for these quadriceps.

  • Thigh squeezes: lie down but still keep your legs straight. Squeeze the muscles and hold them for five seconds before relaxing. Do this exercise with both legs.
  • Make lunges: Stand upright with two hands on your hips. Step your left foot toward and lower your body toward the ground until your left leg is bent. The other knee will lower until it nearly touches the floor. Repeat the exercise for several times and make sure you do that with your both legs.
  • Low impact workouts like a stationary bike for those with sensitive knees or with previous knee surgeries before.

Tip #4: Take notice of your daily diet

Your daily diet should consist of calcium foods such as cow milk, cheese, and yogurt which are good sources of calcium. Furthermore, make sure that you get enough foods with vitamin E. Vitamin E is believed to restrict enzymes that are not good for the cartilage in knee joints. Spinach, peanuts, and mango are sufficient sources of Vitamin E for you.
One good thing that you should know is to eat more anti-inflammatory foods. Your knees become weak and unhealthy when they get inflamed. Therefore, you’d better eat anti-inflammatory foods to keep your knees stronger. Eat more fish, olive oil, avocados, and fruits to have healthy knee joints.

To sum up

Now that you have earned yourself a lot of helpful information about tips on how to strengthen your knees ranging from doing exercises to eating. Most importantly, you should maintain a good healthy lifestyle to get your bones and your muscles strong. Make sure that you have medical checking on a frequent basis for appropriate cures to your knees.
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