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Choosing the perfect gift for your daughter during the holidays can seem daunting. You want to make sure you pick something thoughtful that fits within your budget. This guide breaks down great gift ideas for daughters of all ages and interests, at different price points.

Why it’s important to get the right gift

The holidays are the perfect time to make your daughter feel special. Finding a gift that shows you really pay attention to her interests and what’s happening in her life will mean a lot. It will create special memories and reinforce your bond.

Laying out ideas for gifts at different budget levels

To make gift shopping easier, ideas are broken down by budget level – under $25, under $50, and under $100. There are also splurge gift ideas if you want to go big this holiday season. Keep reading for tons of ideas!

Gifts under $25

Gifts under $25

You can find some very thoughtful gifts for under $25 if you shop smart. Focus on cute accessories, self-care items, books, and other small picks perfect for stocking stuffers.

Cute accessories

Headbands, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, jewelry, watches, bags – accessories can add some style while staying under $25. Shop sales and check discount retailers.


Does your daughter love reading? Choose a few books in her favorite genres or on topics she’s interested in. Hardcover editions can sometimes be found for under $25.

Bath/spa gifts

Treat her to some pampering! Shop for bath bombs, body scrub, face masks, cozy slipper socks, nail polish, bubble bath, or a soft bath robe.

Gifts under $50

Stretch your budget just a bit more, and you can knock out some wearable gifts like clothing she can sport to school. Some tech gifts also fall under $50.

Clothing items

Cute tops, jeans, PJs, joggers, sweaters, or dresses can be found for less than $50, especially if you shop sales racks or discounted retailers. Stick to her style and size.

Tech gifts like headphones

Get your teen some trendy Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds so she can rock out in style. Also consider charging cables, phone cases and more.

Beauty gifts

Makeup palettes, beauty tools like flat irons or curling wands, brush sets, and mani/pedi kits make thoughtful gifts too.

Gifts under $100

Hitting the $100 price point allows you to shop for some coveted brands and trendy items. Jewelry, in-demand clothes, event tickets and more can be purchased right at $100.

Trendy clothes items

Brand name pieces from places like Nike, Levi’s, Converse, Vans and popular retailers like Forever21, American Eagle, and Hollister can mostly be scored for the $100 range if shopping smartly.


Get a pretty pendant necklace or some trendy earrings, bracelets or rings. Both traditional jewelry stores and teen clothing stores carry nice jewelry options.

Ticket to events

Gift an experience by getting tickets to a sports game, play, music festival, fan convention, amusement park and more. She’ll love the chance to go with friends.

Big experience gifts

These gifts do require you splurge $200+, but they also promise memories to last a lifetime. Prioritize special bonding experiences.

Concert tickets

If her favorite singer is coming to town, surprise her with amazing seats to see the show. Make it a mom/daughter date night!


Plan a weekend trip just the two of you to check out a cool city attraction like museums or hit the spa for some pampering treatments.

Stocking stuffer ideas

Fill the rest of her stocking with fun little gifts like gift cards, her favorite snacks, and small accessories.

Gift cards

Let her pick out her own gift by getting a stored value card/gift card to her favorite clothing or makeup store.


Toss in sweet treats like chocolate, gourmet candy/snacks, or holiday-themed goodies.

Small accessories

Earbuds, socks, pens/journals, mini photo albums, lip gloss – pile on the little gifts!

Gift ideas by age

Gift ideas can vary a lot depending on her age and changing interests. Keep these age ranges in mind.

Young girls

Dolls, toys, craft kits, sleepover gear, dress-up costumes, and family board games delight young girls.


This middle stage loves slime kits, jewelry, NERF guns, sports gear, cameras, books, and video games.


Shift to more mature gifts like tech gadgets, gift cards for clothes/music, dorm room essentials, and first apartment needs for older teens.

Putting together a gift basket

Gift baskets make great personalized, themed gifts. Tailor it exactly to her taste.


Ideas include movies, reading, beauty/pampering, snacks, hobbies, music/concerts, relaxation, and more.


Fill it with applicable small gifts, like DVDs, books and magazines, bath items, gift cards, hobby supplies, coffee mugs – get creative!


Final gift recommendations

No matter what you choose, focus on finding gifts that show thoughtfulness, fit her interests, and align with the special bond you share.

Emphasizing thoughtfulness

Make the gift personal and let her know why you picked it. Share favorite memories as you exchange gifts. The thought is what truly counts.


FAQ 1: Where are the best places to shop for gifts for teen girls?

Popular stores include Target, Old Navy, Forever21, American Eagle, and retailers like Sephora and Ulta for makeup gifts. Check online and brick-and-mortar options.

FAQ 2: How much should I spend on my daughter for the holidays?

Set a comfortable budget for yourself. Thoughtful gifts can be found at any price point. Stocking stuffers can be under $10 while bigger gifts like concert tickets can be over $100.

FAQ 3: What gift ideas work for a daughter I don’t see often?

If she’s more distant like a daughter away at college, gift cards allow her to pick something she really wants or needs. Care packages with dorm snacks are also great.

FAQ 4: What if I don’t know my daughter’s size for clothing gifts?

If possible discreetly peek at the tags on items she already owns for size. If unsure, purchase gift receipts to allow for exchanging sizes later.

FAQ 5: What experience gifts create special memories?

Concert tickets, trips to amusement parks, museum visits, sporting events, spa packages and trips just the two of you make great memory-making gifts.

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