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Tips for Walking to Lose Weight

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Walking exercises, especially the brisk version of speed-walking, can cut calories in some of the most amazing ways. Not only does it have confirmed links to weight loss, speed-walks also positively influence heart and immune system health.

tips for walking to lose weight
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If you enjoyed our other blogs, this one will be an add-on of sorts to enhance or improve your walking exercises. Below are some of the best advice you will find online on improving your walk sessions.

  • Interval training is a great addition to your walking routines. Every five minutes, you merely speed-walk for one to two minutes. You can even go fast for one mile while keeping things steady for two other miles. This way you do not tire too quickly while still infusing your exercise with much-needed briskness.
  • A quick note on walking gear before we share even more ideas… Your shoes can make or break your routine, so ensure you buy ones with flexible soles that bend properly; stiff ones are a bad idea. Heel counters should be stiff, though, to prevent side to side movements; these strain your ankles and encourage lopsided walks.

With the right gear, especially lightweight cushioned shoes, you will be prepped to walk your way to health.

Tips for walking to lose weight

There are several suggestions out there, many of them rather creative. We have selected three of the most popular, that have also shown to hone muscles and burn calories in remarkable ways.

The Back Walk

Also called ‘retro’ walking, you quite literally walk backwards. The change of pace this style inspires can get challenging after a while, but you get average to fair intensity training with even a slow 2 miles per hour pace in this style.

  • If you are acquainted with a stair-climbing machine or treadmill, and are seeking variations in routines, the back walk is a great option.
  • Those with knee injuries especially like the way retro walking caters to their exercise needs while keeping their knees safe from strain; something that forward walking brings.
  • It is imperative that you find smooth terrain to perform retro walking outdoors. Needless to say, stay away from traffic, potholes, trees, and other obstacles.
  • Your aim is to back walk in an unobstructed fashion, without constantly looking behind you. Canvas your choice of region beforehand. This is one reason why treadmills make for convenient retro walking.
  • If you can get a walking partner to go with you, they can play ‘spotter’. They walk forward, performing their own exercises, while you walk backward beside them. They can help keep an eye out for you.

In your first week of retro walking, keep things steady; no speed-back-walking. Keep your distance less than a quarter mile.

Poles & Sticks

These may seem weird, especially if you are younger, but poles and walking sticks are actually great ways to maintain an active walking rhythm.

  • Sporting goods stores sell rubber-tipped trekking poles that promote upper-body workouts.
  • Keep the pole end adjacent to the heel of your foot as you step forward.
  • Your forearm remains level as you walk.
  • Your chest, abdominal, and arm muscles are ideally intensified while keeping pressure off your knees.

Find the right pole or stick size based on your height. Several quality poles are adjustable.



This is an almost obvious choice for improving walking workouts.

  • You can burn plenty more calories by incorporating hand weights into your workouts.
  • Not recommended for those with heart ailments or high blood pressure, because of how weighted arm swings can lead to over-exercising, resulting in muscle soreness or worse.
  • Increase the weight value over time, starting with a light 1-pound dumbbell in each hand.

These should never be more than 10% of your total body weight. For the time being, avoid using ankle weights.

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