Best clothes for walking
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How to choose the best Clothes for Walking

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Donning your casual pants and tracks may not always be a good idea for walking, especially if you plan to adopt this is a serious exercise routine. Two immediate ideas that spring to mind include what you can wear during hot seasons and what to change into when it gets cold.

How to choose the best clothes for walking

Walking Clothes For Summer

Sunscreen, though obviously not clothes per se, is skin coverage nonetheless. SPF 15 and over is crucial to keeping your skin from getting overly burned or tanned. This is, of course, irrelevant for evening walks but if you, like several other walkers, take to the streets in the morning, good sunscreen can save you a lot of trouble.

Best clothes for walking

  • Actual attire accessories include sun visors, hats, sunglasses, and fabrics that come designed to protect against UV rays (this can be expensive or imported, mind).
  • When a heat wave is on, slow your walks down. No use over-heating yourself and thinking the external heat is burning your fat off; that’s not how walking workouts work.
  • Electrolytes are crucial fluids in your body. Too much outside heat (as opposed to the one inside you) will make you sweat out those electrolytes.
  • If you have special sports drinks (again, expensive) that come containing apt replenishment, you’ll be fine. Stay hydrated, walk in shaded areas, and increase pace and distance over time.
  • Cotton dries slow but absorbs moisture fast, making it ideal for summer exercise wear.
  • Your socks and shirts should be synthetic ‘wick’ fabrics.
  • If your feet are prone to friction blisters, double-layered socks are a good ‘soft’ idea.

Chafing is a very real thing around armpits and inner thighs. Wear thin flat-seamed clothes or use apt products to prevent chafing. You can find these in sports outlets and will need to rub them on your skin before starting a walk session.

Walking Clothes For Winter

In cold climes, you basically layer up and shed those layers as you heat up while exercising. Sweat can and does happen despite the cold outdoors, so wear moisture-wicking material as the first layer; for absorption purposes.

What Clothes Do You Need Before Starting A Walking Routine
  • You need to maintain body heat around your neck and head; a scarf and hat will help with this.
  • Gloves to keep your fingers warm. You can always take them off as you warm up; keep them in your pockets.
  • Moisture repellant fabrics (outermost layers) are great ways to keep rain and damp out; such attire is expensive, and are designed to be breathable else they will cause your own sweat to drip down inside you and create a terribly humid interior.
  • For middle layers, get microfiber fleece material. Essentially wool, they stay warm even when wet.

Breathable fabrics are always a good idea, no matter the season, so make sure all your walking workout clothes are made of ventilation-oriented fabric.

Are Sports Bras Any Good?

Women have an extra attire piece, namely the bra, to worry about. From chafing to spilling, a good bra can save you plenty of discomfort and inconvenience when out walking.

  • Sports bras are a whole different category, and they are also rather appealing.
  • Some models come with wide chest bands that are not too tight but provide excellent under-breast support.
  • Get sports bras with minimal vertical stretch shoulder straps, leaving plenty of room around the arms.
  • If the seams and clasps are in spots where you feel the most irritation, ask for alternate designs.

While walking, there will come occasions when you will stop to exercise other muscle groups. At this time, you may jump or wave. Breast movement should therefore be kept minimal. Ensure all this while in the dressing room.

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