Christmas Gift Guide for Paternal Grandmother

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The holidays are a wonderful chance to show your paternal grandmother how much you care. Coming up with gift ideas for Grandma can be tricky, but this guide covers great Christmas gift ideas that any paternal grandmother is sure to appreciate.

Consider Her Interests and Hobbies

A good starting point for picking out Grandma’s gift is to consider her unique interests, hobbies and personality. This will help you choose something more personal and meaningful.

Gardening Gifts

If Grandma has a green thumb, help her spruce up her garden this year. Useful gardening gifts include a new set of gardening tools, gloves, garden kneeler seat, indoor herb garden kit, mixed flower bulbs to plant, gardening basket, cute planters, garden tote bag for hauling tools, or a gift card to her favorite nursery.

Cooking Gifts

For the grandmother who loves to cook and bake, kitchen gifts are always a hit. Ideas include: new baking pans, a stand mixer, food processor, spice rack organizer, recipe books, subscription to a cooking magazine, fancy olive oils and vinegars, high-end salt and pepper grinders, or an instant pot pressure cooker.

Reading Gifts

Help fuel Grandma’s reading hobby with a Kindle or tablet sized for reading books, book club membership, popular new releases in her favorite genre, audiobook subscriptions, or a gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon books.

Focus on Sentimental Value

Grandmas also tend to appreciate gifts that hold sentimental meaning and come from the heart. These show you put time into finding something special just for her.

Photo Gifts

Compile some old photos of grandma with family through the years and turn them into a sentimental photo book, calendar or collage blanket. Or fill a nice album or frame with more recent photos of her grandkids for her home.

Handmade Gifts from Grandkids

Nothing warms a grandmother’s heart more than receiving handmade gifts and crafts from the grandkids. Help little ones make drawings, art projects, jewelry, baked goods or other crafts to give Grandma this Christmas.

Personalized Jewelry

Find a nice piece of engravable jewelry such as a locket, bracelet or ring, and personalize it with Grandma’s name or a loving message. You can also order custom name necklaces with her grandchildren’s names.

Prioritize Comfort and Relaxation

Help Grandma relax and take comfort this holiday season with self-care gifts she can indulge in.

Plush Robe and Slippers

Grandmas love lounging around in comfort, so a plush robe and slipper set always makes a practical gift she’ll use often. Look for one in her favorite color and style. For extra relaxation, add in some calming bath salts or bubble bath.

Luxury Throw Blanket

Everyone loves to snuggle up with cozy throw blanket, especially Grandma. Choose a soft luxurious throw in a classic style that matches her home décor. Cashmere, weighted and heated blankets make especially nice options.

Bathtub Caddy

Help her soak in the tub in style by gifting a bathtub caddy tray that goes across the tub with slots for candles, wine glass, book stand, bath accessories and more. Add in some scented bubble bath or bath bombs.

Give the Gift of Time Together

In addition to physical gifts, the gift of shared time and experiences can be just as meaningful for Grandma.

Tickets to a Show

Give tickets for Grandma to go enjoy a night out seeing a play musical or theater production. Offer to go as her date! This shared time together away from home will be a special treat for her.

Restaurant Gift Card for Dinner Out

Treat her to a nice meal out at her favorite restaurant by getting Grandma a gift card. Set up a dinner date together or let her take along a friend or other family member. Shared meals provide great quality bonding time.

Scrapbooking Supplies

Make memories with Grandma this Christmas by gifting scrapbooking supplies to create a family heritage album. Schedule a craft session to peruse old photos, tell family stories, and start a scrapbook. The bonding experience will be just as cherished as the finished photo album.

Surprise with Nostalgic Treats

Finally, tug at Grandma’s heartstrings with edible treats that spark nostalgia for her childhood or favorite old things.

Favorite Sweets and Desserts

Find out Grandma’s all-time favorite sweets or homemade desserts that mom or Grandma herself used to make. Then bake up a batch from scratch for her to enjoy or order gourmet versions of the treats like chocolate turtles or fancy bakery fruitcake. Wrap them up pretty to gift.

Childhood Holiday Movie or Book

Pick out a classic holiday movie or book she loved as a little girl, then track it down online or in stores to give Grandma this Christmas. Watch or read it together and reminisce over hot cocoa.

Vintage or Classic Games

If Grandma used to love playing certain card or board games as a kid, search eBay or specialty toy shops for those vintage games. Classic games like jacks marbles, pick-up-sticks, Clue, Monopoly, or card games such as Rummy and Bridge can also tap into her sense of nostalgia. Playing them over the holidays will surely spur wonderful memories.


Finding the perfect gift for your paternal grandmother may feel tricky, but focusing on her interests, hobbies and nostalgic favorites makes picking gifts out much easier. Homemade, personalized and shared-experience gifts that show how well you know Grandma often rank the highest. Simply focus on what puts a sparkle in her eye, warms her heart or feeds her passions and you can’t go wrong! With this paternal grandma gift guide as inspiration, here’s to a very merry Christmas for your special Grandma this year.


What are the best Christmas gifts for 80 year old grandma?

Great gift ideas for 80 year old grandmother include photo books, warm plush blankets, personalized jewelry, gift baskets with nostalgic treats, soft robes and slippers, bird feeders for nature viewing, audiobook subscription, and a technology device sized for older users like a tablet.

What Christmas gifts do grandmothers not want?

Most grandmothers do not want more clutter or knick-knacks around their home. Avoid gifts like collectible plates, figurines, purely decorative items, or anything that takes up space without providing sentimental value or usefulness to her daily life.

What should I write in a Christmas card to my paternal grandmother?

Start your Christmas card message to paternal grandma with a warm, heartfelt holiday greeting. Share fond memories made together over the past year that you are thankful for. Express what you cherish most about her and your relationship. Close by wishing her peace, joy and happiness this Christmas season and new year ahead.

What are nice things to do for paternal grandmother at Christmas?

Treat paternal grandma to shared quality time like lunch, baking cookies, or tea. Offer to organize old photos to preserve memories. Make personalized homemade cards or gifts with the grandkids. Help decorate her home for Christmas if she needs assistance. Surprise her with nostalgic treats or play classic games from her childhood era. The time spent together will mean more than any material gift.

What Christmas traditions can I start with paternal grandmother?

Special new traditions to start with paternal grandma including reading a favorite nostalgic holiday book annually, watching a cherished Christmas movie together via phone or videochat, exchanging homemade ornaments each year, playing board games after holiday meals, video recording grandparents telling family stories, going out together each year to see holiday lights displays, baking sweet treats to share with loved ones, or having her teach kids to make old treasured family recipes.

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