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How to Choose the Best Pair of Walking Shoes

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When it comes to becoming fit and healthy, the first thing you will have to do is accept the lifestyle change and get the right attitude to gear towards the fitness journey! Diet and exercise is one of the most important things one must consider when trying to be in good shape, and once you have that controlled, you will be able to reap the many benefits after making healthy decisions.

With food, the choices are easy: stock up on the fruits, vegetables, and lean meat! Going all natural is the best bet, as they have vitamins and nutrients your body needs, as compared to artificial sugar and junk.

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But when it comes to exercise, the list is endless. With countless lists of exercises and sports, it’s hard to choose just one! That’s why it’s best to start slow, especially if you are just starting out. Walking is one of the recommended exercises that anyone of any age is able to do, as it is low-impact but still burns an adequate amount of calories. It’s better than sitting all day long, after all! Plus, it’s easy to start a life with walking, as you can easily incorporate it to daily activities such as walking the dog or having a grocery run. Even something as simple as parking your car farther from your workplace in order to walk longer is a good change!

So if you are going to start walking, having the right equipment is needed. This will mean comfortable clothes and the right walking shoes. With the hundreds of different brands and models of walking shoes available to purchase, it will be hard to choose just one! So here are some of the things you must consider before deciding on what kind of walking shoes you should be getting for yourself:

How to Choose Walking Shoes


Your shoes must feel comfortable and well-fitted! Make sure that when you put on the shoes, everything is cushioned nicely. Choose the right foot size and have your feet measured before ordering the pair. Do some test walks and go around the area to see if your feet can breathe and there is no pain when walking around. Also consider your foot type and familiarize yourself with the parts of the walking shoe so you know how to choose a good pair better.


Flexible meaning balanced and able to let your feet move around with ease. This is for a free range in motion around your foot, enabling smooth motion when walking.


The shoes must be able to support your feet and whole body weight in order to prevent it from breaking easily or from you feeling any discomfort.


Will you need it to be waterproof? Are you going to be walking around wet areas or places where it rains? If that is the case, then it is best to get a pair of shoes that are weatherproof and able to withstand such weather conditions.


It is best to get lightweight shoes to avoid discomfort or heaviness around your feet. Plus, it will be easier to pack a lighter pair of shoes rather than lug it around, making your bag heavier. The heavier the shoe, the more effort you will have to put into it. So if you are wanting to add a bit of exercise or effort into your walking, get shoes with heavier weight. If not, go for a lightweight one.

How to Choose Walking Shoes
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This is very important in order for you to save on money and time purchasing your pair of walking shoes! The good pair should be made of quality material that is able to withstand weather conditions and hours of walking. They should last for an appropriate amount of time and have no wear and tear until such time comes (or if you accidentally do break it!).

Where are you walking?

The location is something you should consider. Will you be using a treadmill, or will you be walking around the road? Will you be walking around the forest or the great outdoors? Is the terrain bumpy or smooth? This is to know what kind of shoes you will be getting, as there are walking shoes made for the outdoors, and pairs that are more recommended for indoor use.


Of course, budget must come to mind, especially if you are tight on it. Make sure that you are within spending limit and that the pair of shoes you are interested in getting fit both your feet and your wallet.


Sometimes, athletic stores or online shops run out of stock due to popularity or high demand of the product. So make sure that what you are getting is available for immediate purchase, or if you are willing to wait, get yourself waitlisted and keep updated with its availability.


The feedback and review of others should be important too, as you may have the same experience as a previous customer. Online shops have reviews written by their customers, and you can even find reviews from articles or videos online.

Choosing the best pair of walking shoes is no easy task, but it isn’t a difficult one either! After you make the decision and have a pair in mind, you can purchase it in your local athletic store, or you can find it online, where you might be able to strike some discounts and deals. The right pair is out there suitable for you and your walking needs, so get up and find the one you can use and start your healthy lifestyle now!

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