best cycling shoes for Spinning
best cycling shoes for Spinning

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018

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To all the bikers out there, we know your concern. When preparing for a workout, a pair of shoes is the last thing you have to pay high attention. Whether your performance is good or bad depends greatly on the quality of the shoes you are wearing.

Despite its importance, not all of the people find a right way to purchase the most appropriate shoes for their feet. With individual experiences and recommendations from a variety of customers, we carry out a list of 10 best cycling shoes for Spinning 2017 to make it easier for your purchasing.

best cycling shoes for Spinning

best cycling shoes for Spinning

Why should you choose the best cycling shoes for Spinning?

In fact, no matter how good you are, a low- quality pair of shoes possibly prevents yours from gaining the peak performance. In contrast, the well-manufactured shoes can not only ensure your comfort and convenience but also enable you to have a better result. This is why picking up best cycling shoes plays an essential task.

The most noticeable advantage of wearing a right pair of cycling shoes is its ability to deliver the right support for your riding. A high-quality show without slipping will offer the right pulling and push power between your feet and the pedals. When you clip into your pedals, a pair of cycling shoes helps you to push down or pull up in the right way to engineer more strength and power.

As a result of right support, it also helps you to pedal more effectively without any normal fatigue whether you are spinning away, cruising over the tracks or going down the road. Besides, cycling shoes are often breathable, which makes your feet out of sweat and moisture for the entire day. Therefore, you are always kept in the most relaxing and comfortable condition.

best cycling shoes

best cycling shoes for Spinning

How to choose the best cycling shoes for Spinning 2017?

When it comes to picking up the best cycling shoes, there is a wide range of options from numerous brands all over the world available for you to choose. However, the ideal pair of shoes depends greatly on your needs and demands. Think in your mind these following factors before going to a shoe store:

• Fit

Remember that there is no common size for everyone. The most suitable shoes for your feet are the ones which offer a snug fit, not too tight or too bulky.

• Lightweight

Make sure that your cycling shoes are lightweight enough for a riding workout. The lighter it is, the faster you will ride during your course.

• Non- slipping

While you are riding, it is essential to keep your feet in place on the pedal. In this way, the right shoes without slipping will support your rides a lot.

• Breathability

Riding for several hours makes your feet get full of sweat and moisture, which causes discomfort and inconvenience inside your shoes. Therefore, don’t forget to choose breathable shoes for a better performance.

• Cleat compatibility

You have to know that there also some clip-in systems available for cycling style. When selecting your shoes, make sure that they are compatible and suitable with your choice of the pedal.

Now that you have learned the importance as well as crucial factors when you want to purchase a proper pair of shoes. Next, see our review of the top 10 best cycling shoes for Spinning 2017 to further excellent suggestions for your next choice.

Top 10 best cycling shoes for Spinning 2018 you should never skip

1. Louis Garneau Men’s Carbon LS-100 Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 1
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 2

If you are seeking for the most versatile shoes for a long-distance biking as well as short spin cycling, you cannot skip an amazing option from Louis Garneau Men's Carbon LS-100. These shoes feature microfiber and synthetic leather material for a lighter weight and greater performance as well.

While wearing this model, the users will be interested in the outstanding stiffness to weight proportion which ensures a right feel during a long race. The Boa L4 single rail design also enables to keep the feet in place and adjust fit properly even in strenuous biking. Moreover, the cleat compatibility with three holes and a sole made of carbon fiber means that they are designed for the bikers on the asphalt.


• Very versatile for long cycling and short races

• Lightweight

• Excellent breathability to keep feet cool and comfortable all day

• The Boa L4 design


• These shoes have a narrow toe box

• It is not for wide feet

2. Giro Factor ACC Bike Shoes Men’s

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 3
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 4

There are many reasons making Giro Factor ACC appear in this list and ideal for cycling shoes. These shoes look nice with multiple color options available on the market, so you can freely choose for your favor. Besides, the construction of leather material and Evofiber leather material not only keeps your feet to stay comfortable and cool for an entire day but also offer needed ruggedness for longevity.

Additionally, the X-static lining, and SuperNatural Fit Kit together with Easton EC90 ACC carbon fiber sole design promise to keep your feet as comfortable as it can with high ratings and recommendations from numerous users. Plus, the cleat compatibility with three holes combines with these lightweight shoes for greater biking.


• Beautiful and stylish shoes

• Well-constructed at a nice price

• Lightweight enough for better riding

• Offer comfortable feel for the users


• It is very stiff on the main strap, so it runs small

• It is not as very comfortable as the original version

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3. Shimano SHR065 AllAround Sports Shoe Men’s Cycling

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 5
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 6

The next option in this review comes from Shimano SHR065 AllAround Men's Cycling. The model’ material features mesh upper and synthetic leather with high-density construction for excellent ventilation and breathability. The great combination of exhaust and intake system ensures the feet to gain enough fresh air while also helps to eliminate moisture and sweat.

SHR065 AllAround is specially designed to ensure optimal pedaling effectiveness so that the biker can reduce to tire during a long ride or race. The model is designed so as to prevent the too high or too low matter which can cause increased tension in the legs’ muscles or bad bowlegged pedaling. Also, the flat insole design also helps to increase lightweight, comfort and better cushioning.


• Offer great ventilation and breathability for longer riding

• Ensure optimal pedaling effectiveness

• Lightweight and comfortable

• A great model of cycling shoes at a nice price


• Some people tell that the sizes run a little bit wrong for their feet

• There are also some comparable footwear at a lower price

4. Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 7
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 8

Do you want to try out a much less expensive shoe for your next cycling, but still ensure enough comfort and support throughout a day, Giro Men's Treble II Bike Shoe is ideal for you. Available with three different choices of colors, the breathable and high-quality synthetic fiber together with a classic closure not only ensures a better look but also helps to keep your feet out of sweat and moisture.

Moreover, the molded EVA footbed also offers a great arch support and helps to protect your arch from getting injured. The outsole made from injected nylon together with a universal system of cleat mount which has 2 or three bolt patterns for a better fit to the pedals.


• These shoes come with very affordable price

• Breathable design with anti-microbial treatment makes your feet comfortable

• Well-constructed

• Lightweight


• The size runs a little small

• Some people complain that the bottom straps don’t ensure a long function

5. Scott Sports 2016 Men’s Elite Boa Mountain Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 9
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 10

The Scott Elite Boa shoes are designed around a wide profile which will provide a relaxed fit with wide room inside your shoes and become a right choice for the riding position. Moreover, the customizable ErogoLogic insole also allows you to receive tons of metatarsal and arch support through Velcro-attachable cushioning

Highly appreciated as one of the most comfortable shoes for riders, with tons of support in the design of synthetic leather upper, BOA retention and grippy sole, you cannot happier with this choice. There is some flex in the sole and tacky and rubbery lugs makes it easy and convenient while you are wearing Elite Boa Scott. There is also some traction on the sole’s center to keep your shoes stable on the pedal all the time.


• Extremely comfortable uppers and ideal for wide feet

• Tons of traction in a good heel cup for better riding

• Mesh and microfiber material for breathability

• Removable and adjustable insoles


• There is some pressure in the top strap

• The tongue is not enough cushioning

6. Louis Garneau Women’s Ruby Cycling Shoes

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 11
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 12

Style, as well as performance, are what the Louis Garneau Ruby Cycling Shoes are aiming at, this model is built to help you to reach closely to peak performance and step up a notch. The construction of breathable mesh and synthetic leather material offers an outstanding balance of airflow, comfort as well as support. Besides, the Ergo Air® II reinforced nylon outsole with ventilation system also helps to keep your feet stay cool all day.

Another selling point of these cycling shoes is that they are lightweight. With the total weight of 272g, these shoes are an ideal option for serious bikers. Moreover, the seamless upper design also enables to avoid any pressure points while the HRS-90 system can increase the energy transfer and keep the heel in place as well.


• Breathable enough for entire day comfort

• Lightweight for serious bikers

• Increase support and balance while riding

• Help to gain peak performance


• The size runs a little bit wrong for some users

• The price is not very competitive

7. Shimano SH-RP2 Women’s Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 13
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 14

If you are on the way to seek the best shoes for road biking but don’t know where to start, get right with the hottest model from Shimano SH-RP2 Touring Road Cycling for women.Built to deliver effective comfort on rides, these shoes are ideal for beginners and feature SPD-L and SPD compatibility for both outdoor and indoor training.

These cycling shoes are made of lightweight nylon which not only ensures a great balance of compliance and stiffness but also provides a direct connection between pedals and feet for strength and power improvement. Next, the synthetic leather upper also increases ventilation, durability, and strength as well while the asymmetric straps help to reduce pressure points for smoother upstroke.


• These shoes are rather durable, so they promise to last a long time

• Lightweight for better feel

• Versatile for serious bikers

• Breathable


• The size runs too small

• Slick and flat sole makes it hard to walk

8. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 15
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 16

Compare to Tri Fly Carbon, this new version from Pearl Izumi- Tri Fly V Cycling Shoe is engineered with the same excellent upper, but it comes at such a affordable price. These shoes have 2 velcro straps for simple usage and easy put on or off, especially if you need a quick transition. In the back of these shoes also has a loop which enables you to get them on, even with wet feet.

Designed with fully mesh material, this model is breathable and lightweight, too. The anatomic tri closure helps to eliminate pressure from any movements and remove hot air out of these shoes as well. Plus, they are also supportive enough in arch for a comfortable and snug feel for the entire ride and helps you to go faster.


• These shoes come with very affordable price with the same outstanding upper like Carbon version

• Easy to put on or off for faster transition

• Breathable and lightweight for comfortable feel

• Exceptional arch support


• The size runs too small

• These shoes don’t come with any cleats

9. Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 17
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 18

These sneakers are specially built for spinning classes and have recently increased its popularity worldwide. While wearing this amazing model, you will have a chance to experience some great stiffness as well as needed flexibility, which are extremely necessary for cycling.

Plus, you never want to worry about your feelings during a long workout as these shoes will give you an incredible balance of support and comfort. The upper mesh and synthetic leather promise to give the users a lightweight feel which is needed for the sport of biking. Moreover, together with the structure of multiple small holes, it allows the air to go outside the shoes, thus, keeps your feet dry and cooler.


• Ideal choice for spinning classes

• Offer some great stiffness as well as needed flexibility

• Help the users to experience an incredible balance of support and comfort

• Keep the feet stay dry


• The size runs too small

• These shoes are not as light as many models

Pearl Izumi Women's W X-Road Fuel IV Cycling Shoe

10. Pearl Izumi Women’s W X-Road Fuel IV Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 19
Best Cycling Shoes For Spinning 2018 20

Taking ideas from lace-up shoe design, the Pearl Izumi W X-Road Fuel IV can be used at home, down the town or at the gym. When it comes to picking up the right shoes for cycling, it is essential to choose a perfect fit, and it is always right with this model. The low cut design is smartly constructed for a fast and light feel and fit.

Amazingly, while you are wearing the shoes, X-Road nylon plate will help you to receive a good pedaling stability, effectiveness, and power with both walking comfort and ability. Furthermore, the rubber outsole ensures an excellent grip and durability while the breathable and mesh upper help to keep your feet stay out of moisture and sweat throughout a very along riding.


• Offer a perfect fit than many models

• Ensure pedaling stability, effectiveness, and power

• Provide a great grip

• Mesh and breathable upper for better ventilation


• Although these shoes provide a better fit, it comes a little bit small for some users


When it comes to preparing all necessary equipment for a long cycling, a right pair of shoes is the last thing bearing in your mind. Whether you have a great performance or not depends much on the types of shoes you are wearing. Luckily, there are numerous options available on the current market for the users to choose.

Instead of hurriedly picking up any models in the shoe store, let’s concern what your feet need, consider different factors, and then weigh the pros and cons of each unit to make the right decision. With useful information and suggestions, our review of the best cycling shoes 2017 cannot make your next purchasing easier.

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