benefits of walking for exercise
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Benefits Of Walking For Exercise

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In this article, we show you  benefits of walking for exercise.

Can Walking Be Your Main Form of Exercise?

Walking is a great form of exercise, with you being able to do it anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is to lace up your shoes, and you’re good to go! While there are also some other simple things to consider, everyone can easily say that it’s a great way to start your fitness journey. It can be done by anyone, from children to the elderly, or even if you’re overweight. But with it being a low intensity exercise, can it actually be used as someone’s main workout?

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Walking As Your Main Workout?

While many people don’t believe it should be your main form of exercise, studies have shown that yes, it can be used as your main or only form of exercise, so long as you do it right! While it isn’t the highest intensity and doesn’t work some muscles (particularly when just normal walking), it will be able to make a difference in your lifestyle, as well as burn a bit of calories.

Depending on your intensity, you get to work a lot of target muscles, with your legs and glutes being the main focus. And as you progress and go faster, you are also able to burn more calories and build endurance. You also get to build muscle and strength along the way.

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Even doing a 20 minute walking workout will benefit your overall lifestyle, so long as you do it in moderation and pair it with a diet that’s high on fruits and vegetables. If you’re one who counts calories and exercise, it’s best to get a pedometer or calorie tracker that shows the amount you burn while walking, so you know your intake and intensity of the walk. Some people can go as far as burning a few hundred calories in their walks alone! But if you are used to being sedentary, the known amount of calories to keep an active lifestyle is about 10,000 steps a day.

Some people prefer the low intensity or because of the fact that walking is very flexible and can be done anywhere. Plus, it’s free of charge and there’s no need for any training! You can’t do Pilates in the office, nor can you lift weights without a trainer. But with walking? There’s no need for any special form of expensive equipment, because the world is now your gym. All you need to do is to lace up some good walking shoes and go.

Many people prefer walking as it’s less likely to get injuries when done right. It’s also a way to relax and unwind (Because who can relax when doing high resistance workouts?). Not only that, but you get to be one with nature and the great outdoors, meeting new people and socializing with loved ones while burning calories! It’s a win-win situation.

And hey, walking is way better than just sitting on your butt and not moving at all! If you’re not the type to do high intensity workouts but want to make a lifestyle change, then walking is definitely for you. Just a bit of movement and activity during the day will help loads, improving your overall lifestyle and health.

Benefits of Walking for Exercise

There are reasons why people choose walking as their form of exercise. Here are some health benefits one may get by just adding 20 minutes to an hour of walking:

  • Walking can help prevent heart diseases as it regulates your insulin levels and blood pressure.
  • Because it regulates your insulin levels, it can also prevent or regulate your diabetes condition (if you have one).
  • Studies have shown that walking can also prevent 13 different types of cancer.
  • Not only is it great for physical health, but also for mental health as well. Walking is known to reduce stress and help with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety attacks.
  • Your strength will improve, and with regular walking, so will your balance and coordination.
  • With good diet and regular walks, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and build muscle.
  • Your mood will be elevated and you will be more positive and happier.
  • Walking is known to help with sharpening memory and concentration, making you more productive.
  • You get to build relationships and appreciate the great outdoors while making new friends along the way.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from walking. Try alloting even just 10-15 minutes of your time walking, and increase it and the intensity as you go. Your body will definitely thank you later on, and you’ll feel the benefits kick in!

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