4 Ways To Make Sandals Comfortable
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4 Ways To Make Sandals Comfortable

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Sandals not only create comfort and ventilation for the users in any weather conditions but also style them a lot. Nevertheless, compare to other types of shoes like sneakers or boots, it may hurt your feet easily. Even with good sandals, you can feel uncomfortable at the first time of wearing. Consequently, 4 ways to make sandals comfortable we mention in this following article will actually enable to solve your problems immediately.

4 Ways To Make Sandals Comfortable 1

4 Ways To Make Sandals Comfortable

Pay attention to the fit at first

Selecting a suitable pair of shoes that fits perfectly with the feet helps to bring the most comfortable and convenient to the users. This is actually right with a pair of sandals. If you pick up too tight or too bulky ones, it may be the last time you want to wear your sandals. Even if your sandals are made with high-quality from a good brand on the market, an unfit pair certainly causes uncomfortable feeling even hurts to the users.

If your sandals are too tight, it hurts your feet a lot. Meanwhile, a bulky pair leads to blisters because your feet may easily slide around. Therefore, you should seek a pair of sandals with these features to ensure it fits correctly. First, choose ones with a suitable width. Make sure that they can cover all your feet’s parts such as heels or toes. Besides, check out the straps to fit correctly with your feet.4 Ways To Make Sandals Comfortable 2

Do not forget the height of sandals

The height of the sandals will decide mostly the feeling of a user. A sandal with the height up 7cm makes your feet slope backward and limits your movement. With daily activities or office environment requiring various movements, the sandals with the height of 5-7cm are more suitable. Nevertheless, if you still want to wear high sandals, add a thick sole support to improve the slope of your sandals and make them more comfortable.

Ask for additional support

If your feet are flat ones, it means that they are extremely vulnerable and easy to be hurted. Therefore, choosing a fit pair of sandals with perfect height sometimes may not be enough to create comfort. In this case, think about additional support to improve your sandals. Keep reading the following suggestions.

The first advice is using arch support. If your sandals are very arch supportive, it is very good. If not, let’s purchase a good arch support to protect your arch from hurting during a long walking. Besides, you can also put a cushioned insole. This insole will actually help to create relaxing and comfortable feeling for the users whether their feet are flat or not.

Furthermore, wearing band-aids is also a good suggestion. If your sandals do not fit with your feet, do not forget to put the heel grips inside. You can benefit from them more than you think. Next, for the leather material, you can reduce the friction between your feet and the sandals by using soap. Put the soap on the surface and then use a wet cloth to soften your sandals. Note that this way is only used with leather material.

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Remember to think about your purpose and plan

Similar to any activities, you should make a plan before selecting a suitable shoe. Therefore, you had better make a plan on the footwear and think about your all movements on it. For a long walking, high heels and flip flops are significantly avoided. Besides, you should not try new sandals for a long walk.

With a new pair of sandals, beacuse you cannot ensure whether it is suitable for a walk or not, this extremely can hurt your feet. For a long time usage, a pair of sandals with arch and cushioned support is highly appreciated. On the other hand, the sandals which are generated for walking and hiking are more ideal.


In fact, a wide range of people may cope with uncomfortable feelings when wearing a pair of sandals. Understanding that trouble, we suggest you some useful methods in this above article. Hope that it will be useful for you. If you have any questions, tell us immediately. We are here to serve you whenever you want. Do not forget to visit our website daily for further tips and advice.

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