28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets 1

28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

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When you’re shopping for someone who has champagne wishes and caviar dreams, the best thing you can do is buy them a champagne gift basket to get them started. But a champagne gift basket is not just for a lifestyle of the rich and famous—there are plenty of life occasions just begging for one of the baskets on this list.

28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets
28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne Wishes

Choose from a bottle of One Fils Galant or a bottle of Moet with this Champagne Wishes gift basket. It’s tastefully prepared with a selection of chocolates and a variety of other goodies. It’s packaged in a special gold on blue fleur de lis presentation basket.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Classic

This lovely basket comes complete with a bottle of crisp La Marca champagne and a creative selection of snacks that complement the delicious bottle perfectly. Presented in a wire basket lined in linen, it includes a tasty hors d’oeuvres spread including Wisconsin cheese and light crackers.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne and Truffles

This basket is a complete gift for that special champagne occasion in someone’s life. The featured bottle is Segura Viudas Brut Reserva from Spain. It’s widely recognized as one of the most popular restaurant champagnes served every day across the world. The attractive leather basket is filled with delicious snacks to make it complete.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne and Teddy Bear

Champagne and total cuteness come together in this sweet champagne gift basket. A bottle of sparkling Canti surrounded by delicious treats like chocolate covered cherries, chocolate smothered pretzels, and moca wine wafers make this basket a delight. And the Teddy Bear means it’s totally irresistible.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Picnic Treasure

When you’re planning a romantic date, it’s hard to choose between an elegant dinner, a walk in the park, drinks and a show, or something completely different. There’s another option: go old school romance and take a picnic with this fully stocked champagne basket. It’s romance through and through.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Corporate Clincher

If you need to make an impression on your boss, a values co-worker or an important client visiting for a few days, this gift basket will win them over. It’s beautifully presented and fully stocked with a bottle of Moet and a wide variety of snacks—from cheese and crackers to chocolates—that they’re sure to love.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Taste of Europe

Take a tour of the continent where it all began with this elegant champagne gift basket. The centerpiece is a famous bottle of Moet White Star, but that’s just the start. Sweet chocolates, tart cornichons, and tender crepes from France are paired with cookies and biscotti from Italy make the spread complete.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Breakfast In Bed

For lovers, spouses, or even the best of friends. Everyone deserves a luxury breakfast in bed at least once in life. You can make that happen with this inspired champagne basket. Of course it’s got a bottle of bubbly, but what makes it breakfast is the gourmet hot chocolate, waffles, pancakes, and latte mix.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne and Chocolates

Lots of champagne gift baskets include chocolates, but this one pairs a bottle of Spain’s renowned Segura Vida with a box of the best chocolates in the world, Godiva. It’s a decadent basket meant for a special celebration occasion. Give this gift when someone deserves big congratulations.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Dom Perignon Ultimate

Go for the gusto. If the occasion is major, don’t hold back. Buy them the very, very best, because they deserve it: a legendary bottle of the granddaddy of them all, Dom Perignon. This basket comes in a two tiered leather presentation case and is full to bursting with cheese, crackers, chocolates, and more.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Premier Selection

Make it a complete spread with two bottles of delicious wine and a bottle of the top-quality bubbly: Tomaresca Red, Solus Chardonnay, and the delightful sparkling Avissi Proseccco. This well-rounded basket is assembled with Italian almond biscotto, gourmet coffees, and classic Camembert cheese.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Moet Basket

Depending on your taste, you’ll either go with Moet or Dom Perignon as your champagne of choice. If you like it extra dry, then Moet is the clear winner. This Moet basket is finished with a butter cookies, chocolate raspberry truffles, and a yummy milk chocolate pear.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne Elegance

The center piece of this champagne gift basket is a bottle of medium dry, crisp Korble Brut. This excellent bottle of bubbly is surrounded by a creative assortment of complementary snacks. From apricot sage cookies to olive tapenade dip, there’s something here for everyone to love.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Royal

Exercise the power of choice with this basket. It covers all the basics, with a wide selection of snacks like chocolate, cheese, almonds, and popcorn. What makes this one special is you get to choose your bubbly: Moet & Chandon Imperial, Dom Perignon Brut, or Louis Roederer Cristal.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne Countryside

Provence is the most romantic area of France—aside from Paris, of course. Wide, rolling vistas are punctuated by tiny hilltop vistas and ridges lined with vineyards. This champagne countryside basket evokes images of this idyllic landscape. Get this basket and experience a taste of epic romance.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Giant Statement Basket

Sometimes you need to go one step beyond average when you’re giving a gift basket. You need to go bigger than big: you need to go giant. This five bottle basket is your ticket to ride. It’s loaded with champagne, wine, and every complementary delicacy you can imagine.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne and Caviar

There was a time when champagne and caviar was the exclusive domain of royalty. Now you be the hostess with the mostest toast when you give the pairing fit for Dukes, Duchesses, Kings, Queens, and Tsars. This basket comes with two splits of champagne alongside Saraivanov caviar and savory tasting crackers.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Cristal Basket

Guys, give this champagne gift basket to a woman and she’ll melt in your arms—just like the accompanying hazelnut truffles will melt in her mouth. A bottle or rare Cristal is presented in a copper chiller accented with a subtle vine motif. Perfect for birthdays, promotions, or just to say “I love you.”


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Man Can with Moet

All the champagne and chocolates slant towards the female gift recipients out there. This one flips the script and accounts for the man out there who deserves a champagne gift basket. It combines the ever popular Man Can—loaded with macho grooming essentials—with a top shelf bottle of Moet.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Dom Perignon 2006

Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli, Auber Brie—names that get the tummy rumbling and mouth watering, and we haven’t even gotten to the best part: a bottle of Dom Perignon 2006 sitting next to a Groth Cabernet Sauvignon. Decadence and delight: this basket is begging you to buy it because it’s a perfect gift.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Cristal + Dom Basket

Get ready to fall out of your seat, because this champagne gift basket delivers two legends in one place: a bottle of Roederer Cristal Brut and a bottle of Dom Perignon. Surrounded by a panoply of gourmet sweets, nuts, and cookies, this basket is the definition of luxury.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Dom Perignon Plenitude

Dom Perignon P2 Plenitude won over champagne lovers everywhere when it was released with its creative bouquet of crushed blackberry, apricot, and exotic spices. Gourmet snacks like Auberge Brie, Lindt truffles, and rosemary crackers surround this legendary bottle of bubbly.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Korbel Ritz

The Korbel Ritz champagne gift basket is overflowing with delicious snacks that make it almost irresistible. From peanut brittle to chocolate to dried fruit to licorice to coffee, this collection has the most complete and varied selection of complementary champagne treats on our list.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Dappier Basket

We’re happy to present the only certified Kosher champagne gift basket on our list. It’s a direct and elegant affair, centered around a beautiful bottle of Drappier Carte d’Or. It includes Godiva truffles, Guylian chocolates, and wins the award for best presentation in a vine-themed copper box.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Belle Epoque

The Belle Époque: a period of peace, high culture, and social advancement at the end of the 19th century, before the crazy World Wars and breakneck speed of the 20th century. This popular basket evokes elegant ladies and dapper gents traveling to garden parties in horse-drawn carriages.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

The Park Avenue

From the wide Boulevards of Paris designed by Hausmann to the Olmstead-themed parks and avenues of New York City, the Park Avenue basket celebrates the greatest city in the world—taking nothing away from anywhere else. But New York belongs to the world, and so does this elegant basket.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne and Fondue for Two

Make it a romantic picnic afternoon of fondue and champagne with this fun gift. It comes in a self-contained wicker basket. Display this on your dining room table and surprise your spouse or lover with a perfectly balanced selection of wine and yummy dipping chocolate.


28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

Champagne & Spa for Two

Buy this champagne and spa gift basket and all you have to do is run the bath and get it bubbly (pun intended). The rest happens by itself. This basket comes with robes, slippers, exfoliating mitts, and massage rollers. Pamper him, pamper her, sip the champagne—we think this night will lead somewhere fun.


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