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How to Motivate Yourself to Walk

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Walking gives you a lot of health benefits in the long run. Leveling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthening your immune system, keeping you focused and productive… The list is endless. And with it trimming your waistline and an effective way to burn fat, it’s definitely a win-win situation for your mind and body! You don’t need anything but a great pair of walking shoes to walk around, so there’s no appropriate excuse (unless you are bedridden) to not walk for exercise. Anyone can start walking, no matter how heavy or light they are!

How to Motivate Yourself to Walk
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But just like any other form of exercise, it can get boring and repetitive. Some may even get too tired with walking and just give up after a few days! It’s an unfortunate thing when someone gives up and loses consistency with their workout, especially with something as simple as walking. A low impact exercise that can get you to places, walking is one of the best exercises beginners can start off with when wanting to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle! It takes motivation and true willpower to keep going, but there may be times that people end up losing the consistency. So how do you keep motivated to walk further?

How to Motivate Yourself to Walk

Monday exercise routine

People say that always exercising and never skipping a workout on a Monday sets the path to consistency. You think that beginning a workout at the start of the week will get you going for the rest, which can actually be true!

Exercise in the morning

Always exercise first thing in the morning so you won’t have an excuse to not workout! And at least you will be done with the workout without having to worry about it. Not only that, but exercising in the morning is known to get you energized for the day ahead.

If you can’t exercise in the morning, make sure you do it after a day of work, or that you schedule time after in order to exercise. Don’t sit down on the couch and watch television immediately! Walking is also a great form of meditation and relaxation, so instead of coming home to the television, lace up your sneakers and get walking.

Do not skip a workout two days in a row, as it makes you discouraged to move forward.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

Most people who create schedules are more likely to stick to their plan and not go astray, so when making your schedule, make sure you incorporate time for exercise as well. Even 15-30 minutes of your day will make a difference.

Focus on the health benefits you will be getting!

It isn’t just the trimming waistline you should be aiming for, but also the fact that your mind and body will thank you later on for the exercise you do. But thinking about that beach bod will also encourage you quite a bit to keep you consistent with your walks.

Have an awesome and upbeat playlist to get you going. Energizing music will help you keep moving and encouraged to walk. Download new music as you go, and make sure your playlist pumps you up!

Reward yourself!

It doesn’t need to be food related, but you can always think of new rewards as you hit a milestone. An example would be to treat yourself to a new top once you hit a new weight goal, or to visit a certain place if you hit 10 consecutive workouts. Think of what you want to do and list them down. That way, you’ll be more encouraged to keep working out.

Go with a friend!

Walking with friends isn’t only entertaining, but it keeps you encouraged. Create challenges with one another and make it a small competition. That way, you will definitely keep your eye on the prize and achieve your goals.

Keep a record on how far you have gotten

Tell people you started walking for the lifestyle change, list down your walks, pace, and time. Take progress photos, put up posters of your goals. That way, you will always stay encouraged to keep moving forward.women_walking_to_ease


Walking as a form of exercise is easy, but consistency is the key. The best advice that can be given to you in order to keep walking as a workout is to always think positively and have the determination to move! You can’t always rely on pictures of people, or your family’s support to get you moving. It all depends on YOU and your want to change. So instead of wallowing around your laptop and surfing the web, spend some of that time lacing up your sneakers and get going. Even a 5 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood will change your life, and eventually, will make you progress into a better, healthier version of you.

These tips will definitely keep you consistent. Just follow them and make sure you keep moving forward, no matter how bumpy the road can get. Basically, don’t give up and keep moving, one step at a time! Your body will thank you soon with ultimate health and a better waistline. What are you waiting for? Get going!

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